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Classification and rating of the hotel

2016-11-15 16:24:47    

Classification and rating of the hotel

The hotel classification
① business hotel. It is mainly to reception guests engaged in business activities mainly services for business activities. Such guests of the hotel's location requirements higher, the hotel is close to the city or the central business district. The traffic is generally not subject to the impact of seasonal produce large changes. Business Hotel facilities are well-equipped, more perfect service.
② resort hotel. Reception guests leave the main building on the waterfront, Spa, Scenic Area near. Strong seasonality of its business. Vacation sex hotel requires a better entertainment device.
③ extended-stay hotel. Home Ownership for rent accommodation services for a long time. Such hotel rooms and more to take the family structure Suite for a family room large and small who have only one person in the single room. It provides general hotel service, and to provide general services for families.
④ conference hotel. It is based on the reception meeting travelers main hotel pick-up points for the conference delegates, in addition to accommodation, entertainment, printing of conference materials, a video camera, and tourism services. Meeting facilities (large meeting rooms, simultaneous interpretation equipment, projectors, etc.) and a full-featured entertainment facilities.
⑤ tourist hotels. For sightseeing tourists, mostly built in the tourist business characteristics not only to meet the needs of tourists with food and lodging, but also requires a public service facilities, to meet the comprehensive needs of tourists rest, entertainment, shopping, travel colorful life to give moral and material enjoyment.
Budget hotel: budget hotel travel business travelers preparation, its cheap, convenient service. The FEATURES However Come and Go, the overall fast pace, accommodation and mutually beneficial business mode.
Hotel chains: hotel chains can be said is a boutique budget hotel, well-known brands such as Motel, Home Hotel, occupies a market share is growing.

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