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Foreign Hotel Difference

2016-11-15 16:44:05    

European hotels have traditionally does not provide dental and disposable slippers, please bring your own; most of the European countries voltage is 220 volt (Spain is 110 volts), the national power outlet is different from domestic, can be purchased well in advance of European plug. Suzhou Jin Feng Hua Hotel disposable supplies company and some rooms have hair dryers, electric water cups. Room no hot water supply, tap water can be drunk directly. In the meal to drink hot water, but don't forget to say "Thanks" or "Thank you!". Can also bring their own small electric water Cup. Landline in the hotel, laundry, room fridge or bar drinking beverages, drinks, food, are required to the front desk to pay, such costs are not included in the tour, please go to front desk check in advance before you check out. Hotel supplies with pay TV 'Pay TV "Please know before paying more. Please take good care of hotel facilities, such as damage to need individual compensation. Bath set shower curtain UNDER CLOSURE into a bathtub inside, if you're not careful "TALK BIG", wet and carpets in the room, is going to compensate; do not use laundry hanging out the window or balcony. Smoking in the rooms, the ashes and cigarette butts are not lost on the carpet, dirty or burned out carpets to double compensation. European hotel elevator "layer" in France for 'R', Germany click into Germany for the 'E', 'G' in most countries, the elevator "1" actually is the hotel's "two-story". Hotels abroad are generally less luxurious hotel, lobby, restaurant, Elevator, room very small, waiters rarely, fitness and entertainment facilities are available.

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