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Understanding Disposable Supplies

2016-11-15 16:45:57    

The benefits of disposable supplies

1, health: paper packaging disposable in the fast-food restaurant, health.

2, can be recycled: most disposable items can be recycled, such as: paper, and plastics.

3, law (1): now the law allows manufacturing of disposable supplies.

4, law (2): current law has certain restrictions on disposable supplies, Zun JI, as long as it is a law-abiding citizen, subject under law, does not have too much harm to the environment.

5, medical supplies: medical supplies is a must once and for all, this is not a matter of circumstance, but a question of human life.

6, difficulties (1): about 90% per cent of people think that disposable products will heavily pollute the environment, this is not so. Appropriate use of disposable products will not produce too much pollution to the environment.

7, mistakes (2): Although the disposable products can have an impact on the environment, but had removed part of the pollution in terms of recycling, and another part has explained in previous pollution. In fact, don't save * environmental culprit.

8, don't save and hazard ratios: If one day with a pair of disposable chopsticks, the degree of harm to the environment is just a pair of disposable chopsticks, at best, one out of 10,000 trees, if he can live up to 100 years old, and only a tree and 100 years, enough to make a tree grow into towering trees. If a person a day wasted ten ml of water (for some people, more than one) is a liter of water in ten days, 100 days of 1 kilograms, 4 kilograms a year, if he had lived to be 100 years old, there are nearly half a ton of water!! Disposable products is just a scapegoat!

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