Amenities Sets
Cosmetic Bottles&Tubes
Bathroom Slipper
Travel Kit
Shaver/Shaving Cream
Air Supplies
Vanity Kit/ Sewing Kit
Prison Amenities
Prison Amenities002
Prison Amenities001
Air Supplies010
Travel Kit004
Travel Kit003
Travel Kit002
Yangzhou Tracey daily chemical plastic Co.,ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in producing High-grade-star Hotel Amenities. It is one of the leading manufacturers of hotel products in China. We specialize in producing slippers, dental kits, shaving kits, shower caps, soaps, combs, shampoo, bath gel, hair conditioners,etc. Our company own 20,000 square meters workshop, almost 300 workers, and has morden machines for injection workshop, toothbrush workshop, slipper workshop, sewing workshop, packing workshoping, etc.
Most of the world hotel Picks
The concept of the hotel and Milestones
Classification and rating of the hotel
What is the standard of the hotel product quality?
Hotel Toiletries Business Philosophy
Hotel Disposable Supplies Are High Quality
Foreign Hotel Difference
Disposable Toothbrush Knowledge
How To Properly Clean Hotel Disposable Slippers
Disposable Slippers Which Benefits To Hotels
Hotel Supplies, Scrap And Recycling
Understanding Disposable Supplies
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