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Most of the world hotel Picks      2016/11/15

(BurjAl-Arab),the Burj Al ArabHotel,Dubai, United Arab Emirates,when the numberoftheworld'smost luxurious hotel,itisaseven-starhotel.TherethebyJindianjituanbebuiltinHaitang BayHaita......

The concept of the hotel and Milestones      2016/11/15

onceptHotel (HOTEL) word comes from the French, then the meaning of the guest of honor in the country is a noble villa, was called to the hotel in Hong Kong and Maca......

Classification and rating of the hotel      2016/11/15

ClassificationandratingofthehotelThe hotel classification① business hotel.It is mainly to reception guests engaged in business activities mainly services for business activities......

What is the standard of the hotel product quality?      2016/11/15

WhatisthehotelproductHotelproductiscomposed ofa number ofdifferentdepartmentsoverall.It includesthe interests of consumersanda variety ofservices, includingimmediatelyGuestssaleorrentalo......

How to divide the level of the hotel      2016/11/15

rinciple of classificationEquipment service, both are indispensableHierarchized"Star", the five levels, twelve thousand three hundred forty-five (four-star deluxe)1 Star hotel a......

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