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Hotel services basic etiquette

2016-11-15 16:23:35    

Reception Etiquette
1. Pick-up etiquette
(1) Master arrival time
The shuttle must accurately grasp the guests to take the aircraft, trains, ships arrived in time, are subject to change and shall promptly notify.
(2) Note that for them to stay when the etiquette
Advance booking guests from afar, should take the initiative to the station, wharf, airport to greet. Generally in the 15 minutes before the arrival of the flight, trains, ships arrived, and would allow guests after a long journey to reach their destination will not wait for produce unpleasant.
(3) clothing requirements
Should be taken into account in a different country, guests reception, the habits of the color of clothing they can accept. The reception staff should be familiar with the national color preferences.
2. Reception etiquette to shop
(1) welcome greetings
The reception staff to be greeted with a smile after the first guest of honor attache order of men whose first ladies welcome greetings.
(2) payment of housing allocation card
Timely housing allocation cards to the guests, the elevator door open for guests, with a gesture to please the guests entered the elevator, take the initiative to bring help into the elevator for disabled guests.
(3) lined up to welcome
Attendants lined up to the door to welcome important guests or team arrives to organize. The clothing requirements tidy, the spirit of full, to be applauded, if necessary, the general manager and the leaders should come forward to greet guests when they arrive. The team may not be dissolved before are not all into the store or the vehicle is not fully pulled away.
See a visitor etiquette
1 Specifications
Bid farewell to the specifications specifications and reception are roughly the same, only the guest of honor the order coincided with the welcome, welcome welcoming staff first guests in; visitor out former guests, welcoming personnel.
2 Note
For the hotel, see a visitor etiquette should pay attention to the following points:
(1) ready for checkout
Ready to do a good job in a timely manner upon departure before checkout, check the small bar drinks use must not catch up after the guests leave, went to require clients to fill the "leakage account.
(2) luggage ready
Waiter or waiter should guests' luggage or slightly heavier items to the door.
(3) the car door
The hotel staff To to help guests Lakaichemen, car door when door top right hand hanging shelving suite after the first guest of honor, the first ladies, gentlemen of the order or master with the customer will own the car.
3. Farewell
Saying good-bye the guests should guests say goodbye, blessing a pleasant journey, watched the guests departed, to show respect.
4. Sent car
To accompany sent to the stations, airports, docks, travel to start waving, and so far before we can leave.
Specific matters shuttle work
1 Preparation
Shuttle guests of high status, prior arrangements VIP lounge at the airport, railway stations, docks, ready to drink. Send someone to the airport to pick up guests, instead of the relevant formalities and claim their baggage.Play elegant music to reach the hotel, there to eliminate travel fatigue Alternatively, you can prepare some of the latest newspapers and magazines. Employees to be trained, so as to leave a good first impression of pleasure to the guests.
2. Assisted by
Assign someone to assist with matters relevant procedures and air tickets, cars, tickets and baggage or shipment procedures. Important delegation, a large number of luggage should be the main guest luggage removed, it is best to ask them to send someone with the timely sent to the residence, in order to change clothes.


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