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What is the standard of the hotel product quality?

2016-11-15 16:24:15    

What is the hotel product
Hotel product is composed of a number of different departments overall. It includes the interests of consumersand a variety of services, including immediately Guests sale or rental of tangible and quantifiable commodity andthe invisible or they measured commodity invisible "commodity" tangible material commodities combined,constitute the hotel product. Example: the buildings as well as the structure of its construction and comfortableliving equipment; time; space, landscape and environment
Specific products, such as restaurants, bars, room; variety of services, such as hospitality, courtesy andatmosphere, the hotel customer consumption is direct. It differs from other consumer. Other forms of consumption is to spend money shopping before consumption, the hotel consumption is beautiful to create acomfortable and convenient environment, customer exposure to the consumer in this environment, the hotelprovide customers with a variety of direct and indirect services. The quality of the hotel product is checked into the hotel the customer feel test. , Hotel welcomed by customers, to win the trust of customers, customer praise,plays a decisive role in the Hotel product quality is good or bad.
The Hotel product quality standard
Another major part of the hotel product quality standards - intangible services mainly to see the serviceefficiency and service effectiveness. The efficiency of the service is intangible services tangible provide quality service assurance. The service effect the final requirements of the intangible quality of service standards, winguest satisfaction. Another part of the hotel - tangible equipment and facilities to achieve a certain standard.
Characteristics and tasks of the hotel
The sale of tangible goods and intangible goods characteristics:
1) the quantity of goods is fixed
2) can not be stored
3) the subject of the factors. The biggest feature of the hotel is the service, the service is a pillar of the hotel.
4) hotel product is the high consumption of products.
5) Hotel is the product of a high-atmosphere.
6) Hotel high professional product.

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