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The concept of the hotel and Milestones

2016-11-15 16:25:15    

Hotel (HOTEL) word comes from the French, then the meaning of the guest of honor in the country is a noble villa, was called to the hotel in Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asia, was called to the hotel in Taiwan, is known as the "hotel" in mainland China, "hotel", "hotel", "hotel", "hotel".
From the hotel's title and function, we can find the definition of the hotel. However, to date, the definition of hotel is also a wide variety of different opinions of. First an international standard hotel, have a comfortable, safe and able to attract the the guests living rooms, has a variety of restaurants that can provide local flavor characteristics delicacies, but also Business Chamber trade negotiations modern conference equipment and office communication systems, the tourists need recreation center. Swimming pool, gym, commodity, gift shops, and the Department of General Services, such as banks, post offices, telex room, bookstore, Hanabusa, beauty salon and so on. At the same time, the units have good quality staff, to provide first-class level of service to guests. The international hotel industry today is known as the "tourism industry". So-called industry, it is the expression a lot of scientific, professional and efficient cause. To sum up, the so-called modern hotel, shall meet the following basic criteria:
1 It is a well-equipped, well-known and approved by the government building.
It must provide the passenger accommodation and catering.
He provide entertainment facilities for travelers as well as customer.
Also provide accommodation, catering, entertainment on the ideal service.
5 which is a for-profit, ask for a reasonable profit.

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